Training to Teach in Medicine

Six Month Online Certificate Program

High-Impact and Evidence-Based Education for Medical Faculty and Health Care Professionals

Training to Teach in Medicine is a six-month, online certificate program taught by distinguished Harvard Medical School faculty for clinician-educators, instructors and faculty. The program’s contemporary learning approach integrates traditional and novel pedagogic methods, skills-based training, two multiday live virtual workshops, online learning modules, individual and team projects, as well as a final capstone project.

The program aims to develop skilled clinical educators who can apply educational theories and teaching best practices to instruct medical students and physicians-in-training across the globe, and thereby meet future medical workforce needs. Participants will graduate with the skills, strategies and techniques required to educate medical students and adult learners in a variety of settings.


The Training to Teach in Medicine program provides essential skill sets while guiding learners in their exploration of modern medical education pedagogy and innovative teaching techniques. Throughout the program, participants will engage in individual and team projects that actively model instruction techniques.

The program’s online curriculum emphasizes real-time skill-based learning. This blended-learning approach includes self-paced online lectures, interactive live webinars, focused symposia, team projects, an individualized capstone project as well as intensive online workshops.

Upon program completion, participants will:

  1. Master evidence-based justifications for different and important clinical education skill sets
  2. Through the study of educational theories, scholars will leave the program with a framework to educate medical learners
  3. Learn and apply practical teaching skills to diverse groups of adult learners in bedside, ambulatory and classroom settings
  4. Accelerate leadership and professional development in medical education pedagogies and teaching techniques