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After preliminary plans got here in $20M excessive, Mitchell Board of Schooling to get take a look at revised highschool plans

Aug. 7—MITCHELL — The Mitchell Board of Schooling will get a take a look at a second spherical of plans for the proposed new highschool constructing when it convenes for its subsequent assembly Monday night, Aug. 8.

The assembly, which is open to the general public, will probably be held in Room 10 on the Mitchell Profession & Technical Schooling Academy. The assembly is scheduled to start at 5 pm

The board is anticipated to listen to from Robin Miller, supervisor architect for Schemmer — an Omaha, Nebraska-based structure agency with places of work in Sioux Falls that’s engaged on

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Berea teen skips high school, enrolls at Baldwin Wallace

Advice from a BW physics professor helped gifted junior high school student William Warren decide to forego high school and go straight to college.

BEREA, Ohio — One motivated local middle school student will never make it to high school. That’s because he skipped it and went straight to college! There are plenty of smart, ambitious freshman at Baldwin Wallace, but only intellectually-gifted Berea teen William Warren celebrated a 14th birthday.

Warren says for most of his life he struggled to stay engaged and fulfilled in his own school grade. It’s safe to say he is obsessed with the science

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Former Australian Medical Association President Says COVID Vaccines Are Much More Dangerous Than Thought

December 21, 2022 · 6:52 AM

The various available vaccines, possibly even different batches from the same manufacturer, have different adverse effect profiles


Former federal MP [Member of Parliament?] Dr Kerryn Phelps has revealed he and his wife both suffered serious and ongoing injuries from Covid vaccines, while suggesting the true rate of adverse events is far higher than acknowledged due to underreporting and “threats” from medical regulators.

In an explosive submission to Parliament’s Long Covid inquiry, the former Australian Medical Association (AMA) president has broken her silence about the “devastating” experience — emerging as the most prominent

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Nevada State Board of Education discusses possible later start time for high school students

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – School start times for Clark County high school students were discussed Thursday with the Nevada Board of Education.

School starts at 7:20 am for students and some parents say it is too early. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 8:30 am is the best time for middle and high school students to give the right amount of sleep needed.

California was the first state to implement later school start times but other states like Alaska, New York, New Jersey and Tennessee have proposed similar legislation.

Advocates for a later start say academic performance improves

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Students hoping to become WVa teachers can seek scholarships

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — High school seniors who are interested in becoming teachers in West Virginia have until the end of the month to apply for a state-sponsored college scholarship.

The Underwood-Smith Teaching Scholars Program provides up to $10,000 per year, for a total of $40,000, for 25 new students each year from a pool of applicants nationally, the Higher Education Policy Commission said in a news release.

“Across our state and the country, we’re looking for the best and brightest high school students who are ready to inspire future students — just like their own teachers have inspired them,”

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Is It Time to Cut Back on Alcohol?

December 12, 2022 · 7:00 AM

“Is the room spinning, or is it just me?”

A few months ago I ran across a thoughtful article by Morris van de Camp entitled Love Drinking Less. It’s well worth a read if your alcohol consumption is out of control or heading that way.

Alcohol is a two-edged sword. On the one hand it makes life fun and turns strangers into intimate friends in the course of an evening; on the other, it makes a person dysfunctional. Very dysfunctional. Productive time is lost, relationships are damaged, and health is harmed.

I cannot say

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Japanese faces, American hearts

Yoshio Nakamura remembers Dec. 7, 1941. The panic of a nation. The cries for revenge and anger from his neighbors. The sentiments boiled within him, too.

But “Yosh,” as he likes to be called, also recalls the rage directed at people who looked like him in the wake of that day of infamy. The suspicions. The eventual order to leave his home.

That dreaded notice arrived in May 1942. Yosh was a junior in high school in El Monte, California. Just months earlier, inside that blissfully isolated existence unique to teenage academia, his classmates had elected him president of the

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How to Saute without Oil (Dry Saute – NOT in water)

How to Saute Onions without oil

The consumption of oil is associated with a number of diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, gallbladder disease, and arthritis. But how do you saute without oil?

No water! No broth!

I’ve seen many suggestions/recipes for sauteing in a little water or vegetable broth instead of oil, but (in my opinion) that method just doesn’t do it. The onions taste steamed, not sauteed.

Here’s a method that enables you to brown onions deliciously – without dropping oil. We call this dry saute.


How to Saute without Oil

1.Choose the right size pan.

You don’t want to crowd the onions, so

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