The Ultimate Fresh Veggie Wrap

A super healthy meal just doesn’t get much easier than with this Ultimate Fresh Veggie Wrap.

Loaded with healthy, oil-free hummus; piled high with fresh veggies like spring mix, carrots, onions, pepper, cucumbers, and avocado; and topped with a super creamy dressing from Jennifer’s Kitchen; this plant-based wrap is a luscious way to eat more vegetables and actually enjoy them!

Fast, Fresh, and Fabulous

Because these wraps are so easy to make, so versatile, and so good for you, they make a great solution or a quick and easy lunch or dinner.

And because they come in their own convenient, edible package, they are perfect for a healthy meal on the go.

And because they are so flexible and customizable, they are a great crowd-pleaser.

Are wraps helpful for losing weight?

Some are. Some aren’t.

Many “healthy” wraps are loaded with refined ingredients and even though they look healthy, they tend to pack the pounds.

This Ultimate Fresh Veggie Wrap is made with healthy, whole-food, plant-based ingredients and is filled with fresh veggies and delicious spreads and sauces that are high in fiber and other nutrients making it a great weight loss food. They fit perfectly in my weight loss program.

Where to Get Healthy Tortillas for Wraps

Tortillas for wraps (even those that are marketed as healthy) are made from a wide variety of ingredients – some healthful and some not – so they also vary widely in their healthiness. Finding a healthy wrap can be challenging. Here’s my list of the healthiest wraps available.


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One of the things I love best about these veggie wraps is that they are so versatile. You can easily switch up the flavor and texture of this healthy vegan wrap by using a different type of spreads, veggies, dressings, or wrap material.


A tortilla is usually the wrap of choice, but you could also use a lettuce leaf, a rice wrap, bread, flatbread, or even a pita pocket

Hummus or other spread

I make my wraps with my homemade, oil-free hummus (it’s easy and quick to make!), but you could also use store-bought hummus – not quite as good for you, but still a healthy option.

The hummus acts as the “glue” to hold all the ingredients in the wrap, so if you want to sub it with a completely different ingredient, make sure it is something thick and creamy to hold the veggies in the wrap. For example, you could use this Creamy Cashew Chive Dip or this White Bean Garlic Dip.


You can get really creative here. Use whatever vegetables you like and in any combination you like. Some good options are: sprouts, spinach, bell peppers, radishes, carrots, lettuce, onions, or cucumbers.


For a fun change of pace, try adding a slice or two of one of the homemade vegan cheeses from my website.


My favorite sauce for this Veggie Wrap is this homemade Vegan Creamy Italian Dressing, but this Homemade Vegan Dill Dressing comes in at a close second. This Skinny Basil Pesto would also be delicious.


You can used sliced ​​avocado or this healthy guacamole in this wrap or if you don’t like avocado or don’t have any on hand, you can simply add more dressing to your wrap.

Add some crunch

Sprinkle a few raw sunflower seeds or chopped almonds in your wrap to add some protein, healthy fats, and a satisfying crunch.

Add some zing

Drizzle with lime or lemon juice for added flavor.

Tips for Making a Good Veggie Wrap

1. Be sure to buy healthy tortillas to make your wraps. Why ruin a good thing with the typical unhealthy ones? (See my list of healthy tortillas/wraps in Where to Get Healthy Tortillas.)

2. Gently but thoroughly heat the tortilla before assembling your wrap.

Heating your tortilla takes it from blah and carboardy to flavorful, tender, and soft. Don’t skip this step!

How to heat a tortilla? Here are a couple ways:

Heat a cast iron skillet or a comal over medium heat. Place tortilla on hot skillet, heat for about 10 seconds, flip over and heat for another 10 seconds (or until it gets soft and pliable)


Wrap the tortillas in foil and heat in a 300 oven for about 10 minutes until warm, soft, and pliable.

This step gives your wrap better flavor and texture even if the wrap is eaten several hours or a day later.

3. While you want your veggie wrap to be full of delicious fillings so it’s full of delicious flavour, you may want to be careful to not overfill it or your wrap will be difficult to manage and may break. (I don’t actually follow this last tip personally because I looooove a super-stuffed wrap enough to risk the consequences. )

4. Wrapping your assembled wrap in parchment or something similar will help keep your wrap together and make it easier to eat.

Tips for Making a Wrap Ahead of Time

1. If making your wrap ahead of time, and you don’t want your tortillas to get really soft (or soggy) be sure to leave off the wet ingredients until ready to eat/serve. A layer of hummus is usually okay to add to the wrap a couple hours ahead, but the longer it’s on the wrap, the more the tortilla will absorb moisture from the hummus and the soggier it will be. If you don’t mind a super-soft (soggy) tortilla, then these wraps can be fully assembled 2 days ahead of time.

2. Avocados also should wait to be added until ready to eat/serve since they will turn brown within a short time after being cut.

How to make this Veggie Wrap:

1. Place tortilla onto a clean, flat surface.

2. Spread the hummus or other spread either down the middle of the tortilla or on one half of the tortilla.

3. Add vegetables, laying them in one direction so you can roll the tortilla up more easily.

4. Drizzle with dressing.

5. Add any other ingredient desired. (See suggestions above.)

6. Roll up your wrap. Unlike a burrito, you don’t have to tuck the ends of the tortilla in on themselves.


The Ultimate Fresh Veggie Wrap

Made with healthy, whole-food, plant-based ingredients and filled with fresh veggies and delicious spreads and sauces, this wrap is both healthy and delicious.

Prep Time 7 mins

Cook Time 0 mins

Total Time 7 mins

All recipes on are property of jennifer’s kitchen and cannot be republished without written permission.

  • 1 8- inch wraps/tortillas
  • 1/3 cup hummus
  • 3/4 cup spring mix (assorted small young salad greens)
  • red and/or yellow bell pepper slices (approx. 1/4 cup)
  • 1/2 small carrots, sliced ​​lengthwise or julienned
  • 1/4 small cucumber, cut into strips or slices
  • 1/4 sweet onions, sliced
  • 1/4 avocado, sliced
  • Toast tortillas according to directions in the post. Place tortilla onto a clean, flat surface.

  • Spread hummus down the middle of the tortilla or on one half of the tortilla

  • Add vegetables, laying them in one direction so you can roll the tortilla up more easily.

  • Add avocado.

  • Drizzle with dressing.

  • Add any other ingredient desired. (See suggestions in post.)

  • Roll-up wrap.

* * * This recipe for The Ultimate Veggie Wrap is . . . gluten-free (if using gf tortillas), plant based, oil-free, sugar-free, a good source of fiber, dairy free, egg-free, vegetarian, vegan, and made from real, whole foods.

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