Education and Science, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Republic of San Marino and Georgia

A few months after the celebration of 30 years of diplomatic relations between the Republic of San Marino and Georgia, the official visit to the Titan of SE Mikhail ShankiliMinister of Education and Science of Georgia and his accompanying delegation.

The Ministry of Education reported the news, explaining that “Shinkili held a bilateral meeting with the Minister of State for Education and Culture.” Andrea Pelosi on the sidelines of business 9th Environment Ministerial Conference for Europe In Cyprus last October. On this occasion, the two ministers discussed the possibility of signing a memorandum of understanding in the sectors of education, science, research and the exchange of students and professors.

Two months after that meeting, this morning the first memorandum was signed in the Belotsi secretariat whose areas of direct cooperation are the exchange of faculty members, teachers and students in programs of mutual benefit to both parties; exchange of information on the system and structure of general, vocational and higher education and on new educational technologies; training of faculty and administrative staff; launch research projects on topics of common interest; Organizing bilateral scientific seminars. Granting scholarships for further education in institutions of higher education recognized by both parties; Implementation of credit transfers and similar programs between institutions of higher education recognized by both parties and possibilities for mutual recognition of academic qualifications; Cooperation in any other field of education and science agreed upon by both parties.

The agreement also provides for the promotion of synergies and mutual cooperation within UNESCO and other international organizations to which both countries are members in the educational and scientific fields.

Andrea Pelosi: Minister Tchkinkeli’s visit is confirmation that our two countries have long been developing excellent and fruitful relations and are united by an age-old friendship characterized by the utmost cooperation and mutual respect. The establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of San Marino and Georgia dates back to 1993, and the 30th anniversary will be celebrated next year. Opportunities for discussion and dialogue on common issues The interest was a lot, so far the areas of cooperation are different and qualified. They range from cooperation in the field of culture to cooperation in the field of tourism as well as cooperation in tax matters. With the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in the fields of education and science this morning, this list has been further enriched.