Alberta advanced education minister extends deadline for Athabasca University to move staff to town

Alberta’s advanced education minister has extended a deadline for a distance learning university to move more staff to the small town where it is headquartered.

Demetrios Nicolaides says he’s granted a brief extension for Athabasca University to comply with his decree to move 500 staff to the town the institution is named for.

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He has threatened to withhold the school’s $3.4-million monthly grant if the school fails to comply.

Nicolaides did not specify a new deadline.

The university has resisted the demand, saying it will make it harder to recruit top talent and waste money, time and other resources.

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Nicolaides says he believes that Athabasca University can excel while strengthening ties to the community and driving employment and economic growth the region.

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Athabasca is Canada’s largest online university, hosting 40,000 students linked up virtually across Canada and beyond with instructors.

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