Top Five Reasons To Donate To Charity

Why is giving to charity so life-changing and gratifying for all parties involved?

Here are five good reasons that you may not have thought about for donating to the charities of your choosing:

1. It Makes You Feel Good

Donating to charity can be a major booster to your mood. Knowing that you are helping others can be hugely empowering, which can help you feel more fulfilled and happier.

Research has identified a link between donating to a charity and increased activity in the part of the brain that registers pleasure, which proves that as the old adage goes, it’s really much better to give than to receive.

According to research, 20 per cent of the people surveyed said that they donated to charity because it made them feel good.

2. It Helps Strengthen Personal Values

Having the power to improve other people’s lives is, to many, a privilege that often comes with its own sense of obligation. Acting on those powerful feelings of self-responsibility can be an excellent way to reinforce your personal values and make you feel like you’re living in a way that’s true to your personal beliefs.

3. It’s More Impactful Than Ever

People often worry that whatever they donate to a charity may be reduced by administrative costs or taxes, preventing the entire amount from reaching the causes or people that they really want to help. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make the most of each charity donation.

Similarly, there are numerous ways to donate to charity in a tax-effective way, such as by making donations straight from your salary (prior to tax deductions) via a payroll giving scheme; leaving a charitable legacy in your will, or donating your shares to charity.

If you are a taxpayer in the UK, you can boost the amount of every donation that you make by giving through Gift Aid. The aforementioned methods of giving ensure that your selected charities benefit from your support in the greatest possible way.

There are specialist further education colleges which offers residential and day provision for learners with physical disabilities aged 16-25; many of whom also have communication needs, sensory impairments and/or learning difficulties. They are committed to ensuring students have a sustainable place in society both. You can donate them to make sure the bright future of physically disabled learners as they often don’t receive a lot of funding from local governments.

4. It Can Help Reintroduce Family and Friends to the Importance of Generosity

Knowing somebody that donates to charity can be a catalyst for doing the same yourself. If you give to charity, you could well be helping remind your family and friends about causes that they themselves are passionate about and would be willing to support. Your charitable donations may even result in a family-wide initiative to donate to a charity with a special significance to you as a group.

Giving as a family creates a bond, helps to strengthen relationships through a shared goal and often raises more money than could otherwise be possible through individual donations. It’s likely that many of your family members are already doing it, so working together may end up helping you make even more of a positive impact.

If you have children, it can be easy to start a tradition of donating to charity – try creating a family donation box that everybody can add to and nominate a family charity every year, with the children being involved in selecting the causes to support.

5. It Builds and Strengthens the Community

The COVID-19 pandemic encouraged many people to take a closer look at their local communities and think of ways that they can make a difference. Donating to charity, and especially locally, can be a great way to invest in the places and people that make up everyday life.

As a member of various communities, you’re likely to be perfectly placed to identify causes in your community that can benefit from charitable giving and support. You may even have insights into how to donate your time or money to not only magnify your positive impact but also strengthen your community.